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September 1, 2014 , 23:19pm

what if i tell you there’re secrets written in invisible ink between these pages?
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shirt happens 👽
August 24, 2014 , 23:23pm

i ate the best bacon with egg today. drank a can of coke plus a warm brownie cup with vanilla ice cream on top for dessert.

ah, the little joys in life. stay.

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"Watch more cartoons and just enjoy what you love doing"


Dolly Pontillas is one of thousands of artists finding inspiration with the Sktchy iPhone app. Here’s a peek at her collection of Sktchy portraits with a few words from the artist.

What’s your background?

I am Lea Faye “Dolly” Pontillas, a 22 year old fashion design graduate— born and…

Hi guys! Check out my artworks being featured on Sktchy! :)

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When the world tries to break your back with its weight, get a stronger spine. -Meggie Royer
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August 15,2014 , 07:34pm

oh boy, just by looking at him, the butterflies in my stomach starts to dance.